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About us

Our Mission

Labbaik cattery is dedicated to creating public awareness regarding the value of cats and their welfare and the benefit of quality human-animal companionship, ultimately increasing the number of cat adoptions and rehoming.

Our Vision

To become an organisation where cats will be provided with ultimate professional services that combines excellent healthcare delivered in a consistent, innovative, enjoyable, caring and pet-friendly way to create a value-for-money yet profitable and unforgettable service experience.

Business Goals

At Labbaik Cattery, we aim to educate people that the Felines are not just good looking animals but can also be trained and tamed as very good house pets.

We Aim to get genuine breeds of Feline in India and re – home them in Indian families. As we do not see many family who keeps cats in their houses. We aim to provide service to felines throughout the country with are 21 dedicated catteries providing 24×7 assistance.



Since past 7 years Labbaik cattery have proved itself as the most trusted brand for cat retailers in India. We have excelled in handling cattery, taking care of Cats, boarding them, grooming them and also transporting them to their respective owners within India.

However we are now determined to get involved into this re homing business of kittens and Cats, to all parts of India directly to the family who are willing to welcome a new family member in their home.


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